ltaly’s f irst Spectrum w·th Hybrid Engraving system

New OHIO customer Fotoincisione Rhodense enthusiastic about technological leap

Company employees were extraordinarily curious when a container unloaded an OHIO Gravure Technologles Spectrum at the venerable factory near Miian at the height of summer 2015. The experienced cylinder manufacturer in Rho was very impressed by the power of the state-of-the-art engraver. ft was the flrst delivery in ltaly of a Spectrum with the Hybrid Engraving system.

anticipatton: Arrivai of the Spectrum at the factory

Fotoincisione Rhodense was founded in Rho (near Milan) in 1959. The company is renowned throughout ltaly for the manufacture and engraving of cylinders for rotogravure printing. In

mid-2015, CEO Luigi Garavaglia saw an urgent need to finally replace one of the company’s two aging engravers. He opted for a Spectrum Packaging made by OHIO Gravure Technologies. The anticipation in Rho was greatt AJI employees gathered in front of the factory hall to watch the new engraver being unloaded.

After the Spectrum machine was installed, everyone was amazed at its immense functional ity and performance. The difference between the Spectrum and the company’s previous equipment was considerable. After all, it includes the latest hardware, software and electronics. What OHIO customers throughout the world particularty appreciate about the Hybrid Engraving system is the increased quality of their printing results. Operating personnel see the Hybrid cylinder as the ideai solution because no color adjustments are necessary, thanks to the completely technical processes.

From right to left: Luigi Garavaglia (CEO and owner of Fotoincisione Rhodense), Alberto Cantamesse (sharehofder of E. T.S. lntematJonal) and Eric Serenius (OHIO)

After OHIO experts trained them and gave them valuable tips for working with the engraving system, the Fotoincisione Rhodense employees rapidly began praising the Spectrum’s high technical level. CEO Luigi Garavaglia is more than satisfied with the expansion of his plant’s capacity. At 8 kHz, the exceptionally· fast Spectrum Visi on 3 head enables significantly higher performance than existing heads.

OHIO is convinced how important it is to visit its customers at their premises. In addition to maintaining persona! contacts, the company finds out what applications its machinery is used for and what customers find criticai in daily operation. Any weaknesses in the operating concept are quickly revealed and this information flows into further product optimization. Now, further positive response from ltaly has been received, which of course delights OHIO

Gravure Technologies. lt may well be that this Spectrum with the Hybrid system is not the last one that will be delivered to the Mediterranean country.

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